Class MOTableJMX

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
org.snmp4j.agent.ManagedObject, org.snmp4j.agent.ManagedObjectValueAccess,, org.snmp4j.agent.MOScope, org.snmp4j.agent.RegisteredManagedObject, org.snmp4j.agent.SerializableManagedObject

public class MOTableJMX

The MOTableJMX implements a DefaultMOTable for MBean instrumented SNMP tables. Currently this class' implementation is the same as DefaultMOTable. The real mapping between the SNMP data and the MBean data is done by the table's model.

Frank Fock

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moChangeListeners, model, moTableRowListeners, newRows, pendingChanges
Constructor Summary
MOTableJMX(org.snmp4j.smi.OID oid, indexDef,[] columns, model)
Method Summary
 void setModel(JMXTableModel model)
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addMOChangeListener, addMOTableRowListener, addPendingChanges, addRow, cleanup, commit, covers, createRow, createRow, find, findCell, fireAfterMOChange, fireAfterPrepareMOChange, fireBeforeMOChange, fireBeforePrepareMOChange, fireRowChanged, get, getCellInfo, getCellOID, getChangesFromRequest, getColumn, getColumnCount, getColumnIndex, getColumns, getDefaultValues, getID, getIndexDef, getIndexPart, getLowerBound, getModel, getNewRows, getOID, getPendingChangeSet, getPersistentValues, getScope, getUpperBound, getValue, getValue, getValue, hasNewRows, isChangeSetComplete, isCovered, isLowerIncluded, isOverlapping, isUpperIncluded, isVolatile, load, next, prepare, removeAll, removeMOChangeListener, removeMOTableRowListener, removeRow, save, setModel, setValue, setVolatile, toString, undo, update, update
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Constructor Detail


public MOTableJMX(org.snmp4j.smi.OID oid,
        [] columns,
Method Detail


public void setModel(JMXTableModel model)

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