Interface Summary
JMXColumnSupport The JMXColumnSupport is an interface to map MBean values to SNMP table columns and vice versa.
JMXIndexSupport The JMXIndexSupport provides a mapping between an Object and a SNMP index OID.
JMXMutableTableSupport The JMXMutableTableSupport defines the necessary interface to map tabular JMX data to a SNMP4J-Agent mutable table model.
JMXNotificationIndexSupport Notification objects can refer to scalar and tabular data.
JMXRowSupport The JMXRowSupport maps an internal row identifier of a table to a MBean ObjectName.
JMXScalarSupport The JMXScalarSupport provides the interface between SNMP values and MBean based instrumentation.
JMXTableSupport The JMXTableSupport defines the necessary interface to map tabular JMX data to a SNMP4J-Agent table model.

Class Summary
JMXAttributeNotificationIndexSupport Notification objects can refer to scalar and tabular data.
JMXDefaultMOFactory The JMXDefaultMOFactory extends the default SNMP4J-Agent ManagedObject factory to create MOScalarJMX and MOTableJMX instances instead of MOScalar and DefaultMOTable instances respectively.
JMXMutableTableModel The JMXMutableTableModel extends the JMXTableModel by adding support for row creation and deletion.
JMXNotificationSupport The JMXNotificationSupport receives JMX notifications and forwards them to a NotificationOriginator.
JMXSimpleArrayIndexSupport The JMXSimpleArrayIndexSupport provides index support for SNMP indexes that are directly related to index values of an array provided through a MBean.
JMXTableModel The JMXTableModel implements the MOTableModel interface with the support of a JMXTableSupport instance.
MBeanActionInfo The MBeanActionInfo defines a MBean action.
MBeanActionMOScalarSupport A MBean action is basically a method call on an MBean.
MBeanArrayIndexKeyProvider To map the array indexes of an array provided by a MBean to SNMP table row indexes, the MBeanArrayIndexKeyProvider can be used.
MBeanAttributeKeyProvider The MBeanAttributeKeyProvider provides the row keys of a conceptual table from a MBean attribute.
MBeanAttributeListMOTableInfo The MBeanAttributeListMOTableInfo provides a mapping between a multi valued MBean attribute an a single column SNMP table.
MBeanAttributeMOInfo The MBeanAttributeMOInfo describes an attribute of a MBean.
MBeanAttributeMOScalarSupport MBeanAttributeMOScalarSupport objects map zero or more MBean attributes to their corresponding MOScalar instance.
MBeanAttributeMOTableInfo The MBeanAttributeMOTableInfo class describes the mapping from the attributes of an MBean to a SNMP conceptual table and vice versa.
MBeanAttributeMOTableSupport The MBeanAttributeMOTableSupport maps SNMP conceptual tables (MOTable) to MBean attributes and vice versa.
MBeanInvokationKeyProvider If a MBean provides the keys for a SNMP conceptual table by an attribute and the objects that represent rows of that table can be accessed through a call to an operation of that MBean then this class can be used to provide the row objects for the SNMP conceptual table.
MBeanMOInfo The MBeanMOInfo provides information associated with a MBean through its ObjectName.
MBeanMultiAttributeMOInfo There are cases where a single SNMP variable is mapped to several MBean attributes.
MBeanNotificationInfo The MBeanNotificationInfo class represents information for a MBean notification to SNMP notification type mapping.
MBeanNotificationObjectInfo The MBeanNotificationObjectInfo maps a SNMP object class OID and value type to a MBean attribute.
MBeanStateInfo The MBeanStateInfo maps a SNMP enumeration value to a MBean attribute state value and vice versa.
MOScalarJMX The MOScalarJMX actually implements a MOScalar that gets and sets its value through a JMXScalarSupport proxy instance.
MOTableJMX The MOTableJMX implements a DefaultMOTable for MBean instrumented SNMP tables.

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