Module org.snmp4j
Package org.snmp4j

Interface CommandResponder

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    Snmp, SnmpCommand

    public interface CommandResponder
    extends java.util.EventListener
    CommandResponder process incoming request, report and notification PDUs. An event may only processed once. A command responder must therefore set the processed member of the supplied CommandResponderEvent object to true when it has processed the PDU.
    Jochen Katz, Frank Fock
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      • processPdu

        <A extends Address> void processPdu​(CommandResponderEvent<A> event)
        Process an incoming request, report or notification PDU.
        Type Parameters:
        A - type of the peer Address.
        event - a CommandResponderEvent instance containing the PDU to process and some additional information returned by the message processing model that decoded the SNMP message.