Module org.snmp4j

Package org.snmp4j.asn1

Provides classes and interfaces for the mapping between Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) formatted values and their transfer syntax according to the Basic Encoding Rules (BER).

The org.snmp4j.asn1 classes are capable of serializing of ASN.1 formatted values into a byte stream and deserializing the same from a byte stream. There are three groups of classes/interfaces in this package:

  • The BER class implements the BER serialization and deserialization by providing static methods for encoding/decoding of primitive ASN.1 and Structure of Management Information (SMI) data types.
  • The BERSerializable interface provides a common interface for all objects that are (de)serializable according to the Basic Encoding Rules (BER).
  • The BERInputStream and the BEROutputStream provide optimized implementations for the serialization and deserialization of the InputStream and OutputStream abstract classes.

The following UML class diagram shows the most important classes of the org.snmp4j.asn1 package and their relationships (relationships to other packages are not shown):

UML Class Diagram for SMI package