Module org.snmp4j

Interface TransportListener

    • Method Detail

      • processMessage

        <A extends Address> void processMessage​(TransportMapping<? super A> sourceTransport,
                                                A incomingAddress,
                                                java.nio.ByteBuffer wholeMessage,
                                                TransportStateReference tmStateReference)
        Processes an incoming message.
        Type Parameters:
        A - the Address type.
        sourceTransport - a TransportMapping instance denoting the transport that received the message and that will be used to send any responses to this message. The sourceTransport has to support the incomingAddress's implementation class.
        incomingAddress - the Address from which the message has been received.
        wholeMessage - an ByteBuffer containing the received message.
        tmStateReference - the transport model state reference as defined by RFC 5590.