Module org.snmp4j

Interface SnmpUriCallback

  • public interface SnmpUriCallback
    The SnmpUriCallback interface is used by asynchronous methods of the SnmpURI class to provide instances of SnmpUriResponse to the caller.
    Frank Fock
    • Method Detail

      • onResponse

        boolean onResponse​(SnmpUriResponse response,
                           java.lang.Object userObject)
        Process a response on the request
        response - a SnmpUriResponse instance with some or all of the requested data or an error status. If the SnmpUriResponse.getResponseType() is SnmpUriResponse.Type.NEXT then additional calls for this request will follow, otherwise not.
        url - the URI that was used as request for this response.
        userObject - an arbitrary object provided on the asynchronous call on the request processor.
        true if the request should be cancelled, false otherwise.